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Close Guard

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Tired of loosing and replacing your keys? Say hello to yet another Smart Automatic Door Lock designed to fit 80% of door types in Nigeria.

Our Automatic Door Lock Cylinder is battery power with over 8 month of battery life, making it most suitable for use in countries with unsteady power supply.

Our automatic lock cylinder can be controlled by Password, Finger Print, Magnetic Card or Mobile App, making it the most preferred choice when it comes to Home Access Control gadget.

Main Highlights ========================
- SIMPLE TO USE - Program the keyless door locks with a master code, a standard entry code, and up to 8 user specific codes.
- EASY TO INSTALL - Replaces most standard Nigeria. front door locks, installs in minutes, and fits both left and right hinged doors.
- SAFE AUTOMATIC LOCKING -3 seconds after being opened, the electronic door lock will automatically lock behind you.
- SMART BATTERY BACKUP -The digital lock cylinder is equipped with a backup battery port in the event that your batteries run out.
- DURABLE - This keyless entry lock is built with weather proofed stainless steel and designed to withstand the elements.

With our door lock, you can program up to 10 passcodes including 1 master code, 1 standard entry code, and up to 8 personalized user keycodes.

Key Features ====================
* Identification: Fingerprint + Password + Magnetic card
* Material: All stainless steel rigid lock body + pure copper motor
* Lock body: Anti prying, anti pullout, anti proof, anti-theft
* Power Supply: 4 pcs AA battery (use for about one year)
* Door Type: Wooden doors, anti-theft doors,stainless steel doors,fire doors, etc.
* Application: Commercial, home, apartment, district etc.
* Included Accessory: 3 pcs Cards
* Password length : 6 digits combination
* Fingerprint : Storing 50 fingerprints
* Magnetic Card: Up to 100pcs door card