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From real-time location to tracking, monitoring and remote control, our innovative yet affordable car tracking solution offers set of tools to enable you take total control of all your vehicles.

Our vehicle tracking solution offer you Real-time location, Vehicle status notification, Location history, Remote Panic, Remote Demobilization and Geo-Fencing features, amongst others.

Our Premium GPS car tracking package can be installed on Cars, Trucks, Trains, Flights and just about anything that runs on engine.

We offer you multiple tracking platforms for convenience, including SMS, Web Portal and Mobile App.

We also offer a 24/7 call-to-located and SOS services in the case of emergency

Our GPS Car Tracking features include;
- GSM/GPS/GPRS support
- Free Installation
- Extra Incognito Tracking Chip
- Free SIM Card
- Free 3 Months Free Standard Subscription
- Free Access to All Our Tracking Apps and Platforms
- 24/7 Real-time Location Report
- Minute-to-minute Detailed Location Log
- Geo-Fence Feature
- Voice Monitoring Function
- Car Battery Disconnect Notification
- Ignition-on Notification
- Feature to Remotely Turn-off Car Engine
- Over Speed Notification
- Fuel Consumption Monitor
- Share Access to Track Your Vehicles with Others
- Scheduled Auto Mobilize/Demobilize
- Auto Demobilize Vehicle on Fence-Out
- Track All Your Vehicles in a Single View
- GPS Tracking API
- Track via SMS, WhatsApp, Mobile App or Web Portal
- Up-to 8 hours backup battery life
- 24/7 support

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Our GPS Tracker Demo
Take a look at how our GPS car tracking device works with a real-life demonstration. You can also use the login details on any of our mobile app

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