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Close Guard

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Make your home safer by preventing fire even before it becomes an actual fire with our smart Smoke Detector!

Our battery-operated smoke detector is easy to place anywhere, and sends a wireless signal to our Smart Hub in the event of a fire emergency. As soon as smoke is detected, the sensors sound an audible alarm and notify the Smart Hub through the built-in transmitter, and it sends messages to your Smart Hub to warn of tampering or low battery.

Main Features: =============
* Dual sensor
* Low battery warning
* Low standby current,
* Auto reset,ASIC adopted
* Anti-light,
* Moth-proof,
* Strong adaptability for circumstance
* SMT design,
* High stability

Technical Parameters: =====================
Operating voltage: 9V battery
Static current: ≤10uA
Alarm current: ≤15mA
Fixed Temperature: 135F(57C)
Alarm indication: red LED flash
Sound level: ≥85dB/m
Operating temperature: .-10 to +70
Operating humidity: 5%-95% RH
Detecting area: 20 square meters
Alarm output: sound and flash alarm
Size: 128 x 38mm deep
Execute criterion: EN14604 & EN5446-2​

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