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Close Guard

  • Close Guard
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This yet another small but mighty Multi-purpose GPS Tracking device is designed to serve juts about any Long-term GPS tracking need; from Car Tracking to Tracking a Person, Pet, Bag, Fleet, Goods, Electronics and just about anything that moves...

With its very compact design, measuring only 61 X 28 X 12mm and up to 65 days backup battery life, this device can fit into any hidden corner, place or even worn as part of your dressing.

The device includes a magnetic casing, making it easy to on a metal surface, even on a moving vehicle. This makes it a High-tech security device for security agencies.

With the voice monitoring feature, one can call the device and listen to whats happening around it, making it a perfect choice for security and monitoring purposes.

Main Features ===================
- GSM/GPS/GPRS enabled
- Inbuilt 800mAh Backup Battery
- Anti-tamper Alarm when removed from Metal surface
- 30-65 days battery life
- Real-time tracking
- Voice monitoring feature
- Geo-fencing capability
- Over-Speed alert feature
- Vibration alert feature
- Free tracking app and platforms
- Support tracking via SMS, WhatsApp, API or Mobile App

This product is covered by a Limited-time Warranty!

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