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Stay comfy in your car as you no longer need to get out of your vehicle ever again to open the gate, such a relief for rainy hot or cold days with our new Battery Powered Automatic Gate Opener

Our Gate Opener is can work with up to 25 remote controls, perfect for your whole family to try out this cool gate opener.

It has a working range up to 100 ft., so you don't have to wait at the gate every time coming home.

Functions ==================
- Inbuilt replaceable Backup Battery
- Operate with gates that weigh up to 600Kg.
- Up to 25 remote controls
- Control from your smart phone (optional)
- Compatible with gates up to 40 ft. in length (includes 20 ft. of chain).
- Support Control via SMS (Optional)
- Working range up to 100 ft.
- Operates with very low noise.
- You can use the key to manually open the gate
- Supports keypad for password control (optional)

Key Features ================
- FOR 40 FT. & 1,400 LB. GATE: designed for heavy-duty sliding gate up to a maximum length of 40 ft. (includes 20ft of chain) or a maximum of weight of 1,400 lb.
- QUIET & POWERFUL 260 W MOTOR: the integrated 260W DC motor drives the gate opener smoothly at the speed of 43ft. /min while producing less than 56dB noise.
- AUTO-CLOSE FEATURE: featuring an auto-close option, this slide gate opener can be set to close in 12, 24, or 36 seconds after it opens; you can add 23 more remotes to control this system for convenience.
- 100 FT. RANGE: the complementary remote controls operate perfectly within 100 ft. so you do no get out of your car to open the gate ever again, comes with 4 buttons for open/close/stop open/close stop.
- DURABLE WITH UNPARALLELED SAFETY: constructed with aluminum base, copper worm-gear for durability; CE approval for ultimate safety. RF Hopping Code Technology prevents your remote code from being accessible to others.

- Access to a Certified Installer
- Track Rail
- 12v Backup Battery

This product is covered by a Limited-time Warranty!

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