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Make your home a lot safer with our CO2 (Carbon Monoxide) detector.

Our battery-operated Carbon Monoxide detector is easy to place anywhere, and sends a wireless signal to our Smart Hub in the event of a CO2 level above safe limits. As soon as CO2 is detected, the sensors sound an audible alarm and notify the Smart Hub through the built-in transmitter, and it sends messages to your Smart Hub to warn of tampering or low battery.

This alarm has been carefully designed and tested to detect CO2 concentration in a residential environment. It provides continuous monitoring of CO2 levels, even during power outages when many CO2 incidents occur. The Digital LCD display feature allows for easy viewing of carbon monoxide levels from 30-999 PPM (parts per million).

Main Features: =======================
* Digital LCD Display
* MCU processing
* Low power consumption design, battery used for over 3 years;
* On-top battery compartment, easy battery replacement;
* Tamper resistant pins for battery;
* Low battery warning;
* Shockproof design, suitable for vehicle use;
* Auto check, malfunction in smoke chamber;
* Test and hush function;
* Auto reset.

Technical Parameters ===============
Operating voltage: DC3V(2*1.5V AA alkaline batteries)
Static current: ≤10μA
Alarm current: ≤25mA
Alarm output: Sound & Flash Alarm
Sending frequency: N/A
Interconnection: N/A
Sensitivity: 1.8%/ft±0.8%/ft 150PPM±50PPM
Sound level: 85dB/3m
Warm-up time: 3 minutes
Hush time: 10 minutes
Installation: Wall or Ceiling mounted
Working environment: -10℃~+50℃, 5%~95%RH
Dimension: φ110*45mm​

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