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This GPS Tracker is designed for just about any thing that runs on Engine Power, including Cars, Trucks, ATVs, Trains, Helicopters, Planes and Bikes.

This device compact design makes it easy to install in hidden locations, making it extremely hard to locate.

The in-built backup battery means the device will continue to function, even when power is cut off the vehicle.

The SOS/Emergency button feature makes it exceptional. At a push of a button hidden in your car, the device calls your emergency contact, who can then listen to what's happening in the car or even reach out to the police or other help.

This device is suitable for general purpose car tracking, anti-theft and fleet management... thanks to its full load of handy features.

Main Features
- GSM/GPS/GPRS enabled
- <5m GPS Accuracy
- 18 hours+ Backup battery
- Voice monitoring feature
- SOS / Emergency Call Feature
- Real-time tracking
- Remote vehicle demobilize
- Car Battery cut-off alert feature
- Ignition alert feature
- Geo-fencing capability
- Over Speed alert feature
- Fuel Consumption monitoring feature
- Scheduled Auto Mobilize/Demobilize
- Auto Demobilize Vehicle on Fence-Out
- Vibration alert feature
- Free tracking app and platforms
- Support tracking via SMS, WhatsApp, API or Mobile App

- Item Size:90(L) x 45(W) x 16(H)mm
- Weight:42g
- Network:2G GSM/GPRS; 850/900/1800/2100Mhz
- Location Accuracy:GPS accuracy: <1m; LBS accuracy: 100-2000m
- GPS Sensitivity:-159dBm
- Operating Voltage:10-36V DC
- Backup battery:rechargeable 3.7V 208mAh Li-ion battery

Please visit after you purchase to register and activate your GPS tracker.

You can also activate your GPS tracker directly using the registration page on our GPS Tracking mobile app for Android: or iOS:

Please consult an experienced Auto-Electrician or a certified Close-Guard Car Tracker Installer for installation requirements

This product is covered by a Limited-time Warranty!

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